La Fiesta

16 09 2010

I need a creative outlet and this is it. Facebook has become too mainstream. Twitter is still developing. Here, I can be Frank. The campaign is going very good. Months ago, I was a joke. Ignored. This time last year, I was the subject of pity.
No more.
We are building relationships. Coalitions. Bridges.
What I witnessed tonight, inside a Historic Downtown Panama City tavern, was resilience.
I must remain humble, for the people I continue to fight for, are those who want a better life, are working for a better life and, God willingly, will have a better life.
Some of them do not have the privilege of voting. But it doesn’t matter to me. They are still my constituent and their voice is just as important as the big shot attorney across the street.
We’re going the distance … and there’s no looking back!




2 responses

16 09 2010
Don Harris

Glad to hear you’re moving ahead. Sounds like there’s a lot to be done.

28 11 2010
david altermatt

They said of Jesus “profit is without honor among his own people”. The people who know you best have trouble seeing, accepting and believing the growth and change in one of their own.

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