‘Greyhound First,’ John

18 10 2009

“Wait a minute!…Wait a minute!!, John!,” she said.

“You have to tell them how you got to New York.”

Holley was right and that menat a Greyhound story.

The bus. The dirty dog herself.

You see, I got a real cheap airfare out of Atlanta to New York..but finding a ride to the airport was tougher than I had figured. Most of my friends declined this request.

So, with the car long gone, my only choice was the bus. And what a ride that turned out to be.

Normally, it takes about five hours to get from Panama City to Atlanta via automobile. On the Greyhound, for $35 bucks and change, one can make it in just under 14 hours.

Here folks is where the fun begins.




One response

19 10 2009
David Altermatt

You must have stopped in every town along the way. Go Grayhound, See The Country, Every fricken bit of it.

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