Top 10 Duke Hotspots

13 04 2010

Haven’t been blogging much due to the Petition Drive. About a month away from the announcement. Have a meeting later this week with a professor at Florida State University. Going to have to brush up on the issues involving education.

In the meantime, here is a little fun piece I worked up in honor of those beloved Blue Devils. Used to love doing these Top 10s in college. Enjoy.

Top 10 vacation packages for Duke fans after winning the National Championship.

10. All expense paid trip to The Death Star.

9. Lush cruise around Snake Mountain, narrated by Skeletor.

8.  Bike ride into Chapel Hill … just to rub it in.

7. Walking tour of Wall Street. Greed is Good.

6. Weekend getaway to Transylvania. You know you want to sleep in a coffin.

5. Oxyparty at Rush’s pad in Costa Rica.

4. Anywhere Scott Brown’s pick-up truck will take you.

3. Backstage passes to a Broadway showing of ‘Wicked’ … and a free makeup kit as added bonus .. swag!

2. Hot air balloon ride over the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where you can drop leaflets declaring, “Who’s the Big Blue Now?”

1. A foreclosure auction in Hooville, hosted by The Grinch.




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