Petitioning Complete

17 05 2010

So I ended up getting 171 signatures in a little under two months.

Not bad.

Could be better.

But, I must remain humble, after all, I am … a “Southern Democrat.” Rare breed in these here parts of Northwest Florida. But, as I am learning, there does seem to be a revival taking place.

Last night, my partner and I had the pleasure of attending a poolside fundraiser for the local Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Did I leave anyone Out?:), Organization. Incredible turnout and equally splendid display of talent. So good to see a community come together — even if only for a few hours.

From guitar ballad strumming musicians to powerful singers and beautiful gowns to sexy outfits, this party had it all.

I was, simply put, Amazed.

Now it’s on to the next stage of the campaign: Fundraising. I have a month left to get on the ballot.

Can’t give up now.




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