The Fight for Panama City

2 03 2011

Back from Tallahassee. It was a very productive and encouraging weekend. I’m starting to realize my role here.

“You have to make them play defense,” the State Committeeman from the Keys told me. “The more money they have to spend there, the less than can spend in Orlando, Tampa or Miami.”

So here I go again. Back in Panama City, inside the belly of the beast, representing the litte guy and fighting for a piece of the pie.

We’re in the midst of a Mayoral campaign now. Alvin is my candidate and to any keen observer, he is the clear choice this City so desperately needs. Alvin’s strength’s are obvious: Intelligence, Leadership, Compassion, and Understanding. These are all traits one would expect coming out of City Hall. He also epitomizes the Modern Family Man, recognizing the qualities of a diverse and changing world and embracing all walks of life.

Alvin swears us in

It will be interesting to see how this City responds. You could say it’s an IQ test.

On the other side, you have entrenched business interests. The old guard, still clinging to power. But what have they done with that power?

Job losses, low wages, increased poverty, I could go on and on. Meanwhile, neighboring cities such as Lynn Haven, Destin and Panama City Beach are growing — at the expense of Panama City.

The election is a little more than a month away. It will be a hard fight for change, however, unlike my recent crusade, this one is certainly winnable.

So today I hit the streets again. Making them play defense.




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