Gaga Night

23 05 2011

I’m sleeping a lot now. The summer is about to begin and with it comes extreme heat, humidity and hoardes of tourists from the Deep South.

I’ve been through this routine so many times now, I might as well be sleep walking.

Meanwhile, the job hunt continues. Feelers are out in Maryland, South Florida and, of course, locally. I still maintain a glimmer of hope.

On Saturday, I went dancing with David at the gay club on the beach. It’s a modest venue, squeezed inside a glorified tiki bar. On this night, the theme was a tribute to Lady Gaga, the newly crowned gay icon. I dressed my best: blue jeans, tee shirt and running shoes.

Lady Gaga’s appeal is easy to see. She’s creative and inspiring and challenges the younger generations to get ‘on the right track’ by being who you are because you were ‘born this way.’

I had some interesting conversations at the club and my faith in the hipsters was renewed to a certain extent.

“There’s more of us out there than you think, John,” said one young lad, as we talked about the politics of community. “We’re just waiting for the playing field to be even.”

Alas, the waiting game for equal rights continues. Wake me up when full equality arrives.




One response

23 05 2011
Don Harris

The same thing happens everywhere. Right now, a friend of mine who has a gay son (who has already graduated) is trying to start a gay-straight alliance at a local school. She’s running into resistance from school officials, plus no students have stepped forward to say that they want a GSA. Right now, she’s discouraged because nobody seems to be interested in what she’s trying to do.

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