19 09 2020

Sept. 14, 2020

What day is it? I don’t know anymore.

Smoke has covered the city for a week now. Hazardous air conditions added to the on-going health pandemic and civil unrest in a city that has become a magnet for political extremists.

I had intended to finish the travel blog about our train ride to Wisconsin, but plans change.

The job at the grocery store is over. I’d rather not go into the details there. Not now.

I’m still writing. It’s what I know and I can do it well and quick when needed. The election is seven weeks away although I doubt it will be decided during the first week of November — or possibly December.

Uncertainty, much like the smog in Portland, hangs over America. There are more than two camps out there even though we are given just two viable options on the ballot.

And while I’ve been pushed around, gas lit, humiliated — the list goes on and on — I am determined to persist.

Change has to happen. New communities are being born out of the novel coronavirus as leaders survey what matters most in life. The old ways are going up in smoke. Disinformation campaigns are fully operational. The foolish easily duped by silly and often outlandish conspiracy theories. Blame and condemnation get attention, but the real work involves trying to understand how government agencies function and what opportunities are available in the private sector.

This is where anger must be cast out. Let’s not degrade public service into some sick soap opera reality show and strive to have a healthy and prosperous society. Leaders have to be bold now and grasp the FACT that the country is on the wrong track and it’s time to make adjustments.

Change must take place. I feel it brewing inside my soul. I will not give up. I know what I want and need. I am not naive to think I can go it alone nor do I want to. I miss friends. I yearn for affection again.

We’ve seen the worst.

Now let’s go be better.




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