Dem tickets

30 09 2009

Met with members of the local Democratic Executive Committee.
Might as well put that Poly-Sci degree to use.
So I’m now going to be warming up the crowd with a few comments at the group’s annual Jefferson / Jackson Celebration.
Anyone know any good Republican jokes?



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1 10 2009

Here’s a Republican joke for you: Democrats have healthcare reform, Republicans have death panels. Democrats have President Obama, the Republicans have Sarah Palin.

In a recent letter to the News-Herald editor, a woman wrote that she refused to help the President because she refused to become an Obama mushroom that is fed manure and kept in the dark. I would reply that it is quite obvious this woman is a Republican because this happened to her long before President Obama was elected.

2 10 2009

Death panels, eh, and who better to lead them than Mr. Chuck Norris. Ugh.

1 10 2009
Ruby Jo Faust

Too bad I’ll be out of town & (again) miss the Jefferson/Jackson affair.

Good of you to start a local blog — hope to see more participation. Also, it took a lot of patience to get the comment form. But the Internet has been exceedingly slow today for all the sites I usually read.

2 10 2009

Thank you for the encouragement Ruby. We’ll miss you at the JJ Celebration.

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