The Mystery Check

30 09 2009

Today is a “Glass is half full” day!
I am blessed to have a driver’s license. Thus, I can traverse the county in search of employment.
And also to meet friends for lunch.
A director, who I hold in great esteem, was in town. Fresh from the Canadian wilderness.
We met at pizza place in Panama City known for its ties to “America’s Mayor.”
Strangest thing happened.
Someone picked up our tab.
It came as a total surprise to both of us.
And this mystery person left before I could rely my gratitude. The waiter tried to point him out, but having left my eye glasses in the car, I’d have a hard time spotting Hugo Chavez across this crowded restaurant.
And then there was the lighting. Something my director friend pointed out immediately.
I was looking into the sun.
How à propos




7 responses

2 10 2009

John, you don’t have a counter, my man! Did you ever find out who picked up the tab. I bet you will, in time! Right? Of course, right!

2 10 2009

No counter yet..still working out the kinks. And learning..oh am I learning..As for the clue on that one, but I did notice the County’s P.I. officer was in the house.

12 10 2009

Well, I’m waiting for the next installment, Juan! I can’t wait. All is well here. Another blessing.

21 10 2009
Gordon Goede

Write something, damnit! Write! I wanna see what you write and experience!

8 02 2010
Gordon Goede

My god, Juan, your blog awaiteth you, my man. Come on, get on the ball and write, write, write something for the world to see and appreciate. And yes, I do think you should run, if you are so inclined. However, I do think that you need to prepare yourself and friends for what you are going to face come hell or high water. One of the best places I think you should start would be with Justin. He ran, unsuccessfully, unfortunately, and is still going strong, I think. I felt, just talking to him, that he did his homework before he got started. He was organized and was focused. So, if you are going forward, please contact him and explore his experiences and impressions, if he cares to share. We have not seen him for a very long time so we do not know what he is doing or where he is. He mentioned that he was in school taking, IIRC, some history course. Anyhow, do blog a bit, my man. I go on all the time just to see if you are up to it, and you don’t seem to be adding anything. Best to you! G

8 02 2010

Thanks for the note Gordon. I suppose I have been caught up in the Twitter and Facebook worlds. Will start blogging present day soon. Major decisions ahead indeed. Would love to get Justin’s take on the situation. Looking forward to Players By the Sea in Jax!

8 02 2010
Gordon Goede

I am hearing that Michael Green is trying to set up a weekend in Jacksonville to see the play. What a compliment! Who knew? Anyhow, I think Justin is a great place to start. If you can find him. He has not been anywhere near us in a long, long time. Sigh. Ah, youth! G

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