Nien Oktoberfest

3 10 2009

Tonight, I passed on the public drunkenness that is Downtown Panama City’s Oktoberfest celebration.
Plowed the backyard instead, did some planting and potting and made the little lizards scatter.
Talked to an old pal who runs the fairgrounds. He said they are looking for a reporter up in Washington County.
That brings back memories of working in a one-horse town.
My first job outta college. Sports Editor of the Troy Messenger.
It was a lot of work for very little pay.
Writing stories, taking pictures, designing the newspaper and even developing film.

Oh those dark room days. I can smell the chemicals now.

All and all, it was an important learning experience and, eventually, I got a free trip to Montana.Montana in December as a matter of fact. Snow was everywhere.
Our boys from Alabama had a tough time gaining their footing, which is very important in the game of football.
We did score the first touchdown.
And then Montana scored the next 70 points.
Yes, it was a quiet flight home.




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