The Pink Party

4 10 2009

Time to reflect on last night’s “Pink Party” at Splash. Good to see so many people sporting pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Very interesting crowd at this emerging Thomas Drive hotspot.

Ran into the President of a local Gay Rights Organization and inquired about his relationship status.

He informed me that he was single and that his “out” was that he had no time for a relationship.

Yes, those things do take time.

But, there is hope for Mikey.

Listen up fellas.

Rule One: You gotta have a job

Rule Two: You gotta have a car.

“I don’t want to have to go pick people up all the time,” he said.

“Make them take the trolley,” I responded.




One response

6 10 2009
David Altermatt

I think the trolley is definitely the best answer. It will test the metal of any relationship. Besides it could be so romantic shearing your relationship ups and downs with your fellow trolley riders.

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